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     I could not be more thrilled with my experience at St Giles Carpet Cleaners. Conversations were smooth and efficient, and the staff I spoke with were all incredibly welcoming.
David F.18/12/2023
     Exceptionally proficient and expeditious delivery. Unquestionably spared my back some exertion!
Maxine Clarke01/12/2023
     I had been using a different cleaning service but decided to switch to St Giles Carpet Cleaners for their lower rates. Their cleaners have been doing a fine job. I am glad that we decided to change companies.
Sheila C.21/05/2020
      Carpet Cleaning Companies St Giles is excellent. Everyone who has been doing deep cleaning for the several times we have hired them has been an absolute professional.
      Carpet Cleaning St Giles are certainly my first-choice company for cleaning services from now on.
Gregg M.09/10/2018
     Had a lot of work recently and no time for chores. That left my house in an utter state and I really had to take care of it before I would suffocate in dust and dirt. So I called St Giles Carpet Cleaning Services and they provided me with the house cleaners for the task. And it was a quick and affordable service. Much obliged!
      Carpet Cleaning Companies St Giles do such an amazing job time after time. I contacted them to complete an upholstery cleaning job that I had on my hands. A very professional and efficient service. Very, very pleased!
Colin Simpson 15/03/2016
     I've recently had a promotion at work which I was aiming for for years. I'm happy to have finally arrived, but with the extra shifts I have to put in it's become harder and harder for my wife and I to keep everything looking nice. One of my colleagues recommended St Giles Carpet Cleaning Services, and we've felt blessed ever since! The services from this company are very affordable, and for the price you pay you get an incredibly detailed and professional service. I've already recommended this service to my sister-in-law, and she's been just as satisfied!
Adam G.21/12/2015
     I would definitely recommend Carpet Cleaning Companies St Giles for rug cleaning. I thought I'd have to wait hours for my rugs to be dry, but they were dry in no time at all, and all the stains, marks and dirt was completely gone! This is deep-cleaning at its finest!
Heather R.14/10/2015
     I was panicking over the fact that my office needed cleaning for the next day when we were expecting important visitors. Someone recommend we called Carpet Clean St Giles and that's what we did. I am so happy with this recommendation because the firm were able to clean the office thoroughly and swiftly. The place looked better than ever, which impressed our guests. They are life savers.
Matt Green31/07/2015
     Great help, once again, from the team over at StGilesCarpetCleaners. We've been working with them for a while now, with them providing their kind of high quality cleaning which I've just not seen matched anywhere else. It's already drawn compliments from several friends, and I've had to confess to hiring in expert help to get it all done. However, even with that in mind, I've never been happier with the cleanliness of the home, so a big thanks is in order. Cheers.
I. Pope07/01/2015
     I am not the kind of person to give praise where I don't think it due, and I know that there will be many an over the top review of cleaning companies, but I am very impressed with the quality of service that I have received form StGilesCarpetCleaners so far. You will no doubt find that the results that you get form them are similarly excellent, and I hope that people reading this do try them out, as they fully deserve your support and business.
Wayne Washington14/05/2014